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Medicine Assist Program

Chicot Memorial Medical Center assist patients through the Delta Medicine Assistance Program to obtain a 3 month supply of prescription medicines from pharmaceutical companies. The Medicine Assistance Program assist patients in submitting proper applications and correct paperwork to pharmaceutical companies whereby enabling in-need patients to get their prescription medications who other wise would not be able to afford them. 

To schedule an appointment contact:
Sonya Waldrup
Intake Specialist

You or your doctor can request assistance with your medications. The following outline provides information on how the Medicine Assistance Program works.

  •  Fill out the information form and return it to the Medicine Assist Program (MAP) office.
  • The Medicine Assistance Program Coordinator will then review your medications and locate any available programs through pharmaceutical companies.
  • Programs of pharmaceutical companies are based on income guidelines. To qualify you must be within the income limited and provide proof of income.
  • You will need a copy of your paycheck, income tax return, or verification in writing from the Social Security Office showing your monthly income.
  • After the pharmaceutical company forms have been completed, your doctor will need to sign them.
  • Once your doctor has signed the forms, it will take the pharmaceutical companies approximately 4 weeks to process your paperwork.
  • Call our office 4 weeks before you run out of your medication for refills.
  • If you have Medicaid or any other insurance that pays for any or part of your medications, you may still be eligible to apply for this program.