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Interventional Pain Clinic

If you’re experiencing pain in the back, neck, knee, hip, shoulder, or elsewhere in the body, our specialists have techniques to help you manage it. Michael Bradley Mayfield, MD provides interventional pain services and procedures. To schedule an appointment please call (870) 265-9364 or (870) 265-9321. 

Chicot Interventional Pain Clinic offers safe and effective on-site solutions for lower back, leg, and hip pain. Our trained professionals can now administer the relief you need right here at home. Your individual pain management treatment occurs here in Lake Village, eliminating inconvenient out of town travel.

Expert care provided by a local, caring physician in the safety of a full-service hospital. Treatment options include:

SI Joint Injection, to treat pain due to inflammation in the upper part of the hip, including the sciatic nerve pain.

Epidural, a more complex treatment for spinal disk inflammation, to reduce pain in the back or legs.

Facet Joint Sticks, (anti-inflammatory injections) to block pain emanating from the lower spine.

But more than that, every treatment comes with a dose of encouragement from our caring, expert staff, who share a common goal - making your pain go away.