Phone: (870) 265-9200

Wound Care Clinic

Brad Mayfield, MD and his staff provide comprehensive care for patients with chronic wounds that are difficult to heal, such as diabetes ulcers, post-surgery wounds, and burns. Weekly wound management clinic hours are held on Tuesday afternoons. 

Appointments can be made by calling 870-265-9364.

Treatment Offerings

· Compression Therapy

· Debridement

· Specialty Dressings

· Growth Factors and Bio-engineered Tissue Products

Our Wound Clinic offers both conventional and specialty dressings. We assess your wound to determine the most appropriate type of treatment dressings. As the wound heals, your wound dressings may be modified. You may be given instructions on how to change your dressings at home. If you are using a home health agency, we will work with them to coordinate your dressing changes.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) --- Coming Soon!

Wounds need oxygen to heal properly, and by exposing some hard to heal wounds to 100% oxygen can speed up the process.  At Chicot Memorial, we will soon be offering this procedure in addition to our wound center. 

HBO involves breathing 100% medical oxygen. By breathing in this oxygen, it allows your lungs to transfer more oxygen than it would by normal breathing.  Your blood then can
carry this extra oxygen throughout your body which can then help promote healing.

This procedure is done by a specially trained technician and one of our certified physicians.