Home Health

Home Health Care is one of the basic health care concepts dating back to early medicine. Home Health Care is now recognized as an important transition from hospitalization, inpatient, or nursing home stay and a less expensive and more effective means of providing health services in the comfort of your own home.

Chicot Memorial Home Health began in 1988. Our goal is to improve and maximize independence and self-care in the home.


What is Home Health?

Home Health care is individualized skilled care to help you or a loved one get healthy while at home. The care comes after a doctor’s visit or a hospital stay. Home Health services are provided by licensed medical professionals.

Who qualifies for home health:

• Anyone with a skilled need may qualify, this can include skilled nursing, physical, occupational or speech therapy.
• Some insurances may require the patient be homebound in order to receive services.
• The patient’s homebound status will be evaluated on initial visit.

Services Available:

• Skilled nursing to include IV therapy, teaching and training for new or complicated disease processes. Skilled nurse may educate on medication changes or new diagnoses, and will communicate your progress to your physician.
• At-home Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
• Tube Feeding
• Wound Care
• Prescription Management and Teaching
• Observation and assessment by Skilled Nurse to help prevent re-hospitalization

Home Health Aide Services:

• Nail Care
• Hair Care
• Skin Care
• Personal Hygiene

Who Pays for Home Health?

• Medicare
• Medicare HMO’s
• Medicaid
• Some Private Insurances